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KNX load shedding Hager

KNX load shedding Hager

IDES Limited were asked to provide a solution to allow selected circuits on multiple electrical distribution boards
to remain in the OFF position after voltage failure and on voltage return for the newly refurbished Trump Turnberry Hotel.
There-after only to be re-energised by maintenance staff by keyswitch when safe to do so.
This is easily achieved using a KNX solution from Hager.

IDES Limited were able to provide the solution using all Hager components from the Tebis range.
This ranged from the din rail distribution board,
control switch actuators, power supply units and load contactors.

Installing KNX devices and programming the actuator switch (using the ETS 4 software) to default ‘off’ on voltage failure and return. This means that the device will drop off the voltage to the coil controlling the load contactor and will not then be re-energised until
the momentary action keyswitch connected to a Hager KNX input module is activated and inturn this action switches the control actuator switch operating the load coil.
Turnberry KNX off (1) Load de-energised
To avoid a sudden load ‘in rush’ each of the switch actuators are stepped ‘on’ with a 10 second delay between channels avoiding
full load being applied in one go.
Turnberry KNX on Load energised
This is classic ‘smart control’ using Technology.



IDES Limited Edinburgh and Scotland’s leading and longest established KNX, Dali and Loxone lighting  specialists have recently upgraded a large residential property built last year in Perth with the LOXONE mini-server.

Having carried out the home automation and audio visual works  for the new build using KNX to control the lighting, motorised blinds and curtains, the client wanted to easily be able to set, adjust and create lighting scene’s.

With over 100 lighting circuits Loxone’s mini-server easily met the requirements. Not only can we set scene’s on a room by room basis but we can also create global scene’s throughout the house, such as ‘entertainment’ ‘ welcome home’ scene’s etc.

This level of control is achieved using Loxone’s ‘app’ for the Apple i-Pad, this provides the user interface and also allows switching of the lighting control system and motorised curtains and blinds all from one area.
With this level of control being available from one unit the client was delighted to know that he can also remotely access the control of his house  from anywhere in the world. Our client now wants to further upgrade the Loxone lighting control system to give him control over his heating system.
IDES Limited are based in Edinburgh and design, install and commision lighting, heating and shading projects through out Scotland and can be contacted on 0131 443 3133

IDES Ltd appointed by S1 Developments at Murrayfield Road, Edinburgh

IDES Ltd appointed by S1 Developments at Murrayfield Road, Edinburgh


IDES Ltd are delighted to have been appointed to their first project by S1 Developments at their Murrayfield Road development in Edinburgh.

The development consists of 8 luxury apartments including 1 penthouse.

The penthouse will be fitted out using KNX lighting controls and heating controls with client user interface provided utilising Loxone mini server technology, this will mean that both the lighting and heating controls can be accessed via i phone or android telephones, i pad etc both locally and remotely from the house giving complete control.

IDES Ltd will be providing the complete electrical and technology packages  including TV/data, audio visual, intruder alarms, smoke evacuation, video entry control and communal IRS systems throughout the development, this is of great

benefit to the main contractor as he is dealing with only ONE installation team for the complete project instead of potentially 3-4 different contractors.

If you require any further information on this project or would like to discuss with us your own requirements

please contact Neil on 0131 443 3133



Use lighting to create mood and atmosphere ..

Most commercial or domestic lighting controls consist of a switch that is either ON or OFF.  Use lighting control to create lighting scenes within the room or whole house with the push of a button.

Efficient lighting control brings many benefits. Not just energy efficiency, but atmosphere, flexibility and allows whole house control from centralised locations or even remotely from anywhere in the world.

Regulate light levels automatically within your office utilising light level sensors to automatically adjust to external light levels. This not only provides a better working enviroment but also provides energy cost savings.

Our system integrators at NMControls work closely with lighting control manufacturers including


These systems can provide dimming, dali and  DMX interface to provide seamless control.

Call us on 0131 443 3133 and come in for a demo or request a call back and we will get back to you when its convenient for you



Waldner Ltd UK had previously installed their service modules in a newly completed teaching wing at Bradford University to provide laboratory utilities to the working areas in the classroom.

Due to the large glazed areas they were requested to provide lighting management within the space to provide a better working platform and also importantly energy savings.

Albeit the existing Dali lighting control installation provided manual dimming it was felt that automatic dimming of the lighting control system was the best way to achieve a more constant light level within the space taking in to account of the external light level.


IDES Limited installed multiple dali lux level sensors and integrated them into the existing program. The client required light level of 500 lux at bench level is now maintained at a constant regardless of how much daylight is available.

For further information please call IDES Limited on 0131 443 3133

KNX Lighting Scotland

KNX Lighting Scotland


IDES Limited have been involved in many lighting control projects throughout Scotland, utilising their expertise as KNX partners to provide seamless lighting control for commercial, retail and residential projects.

With our Edinburgh based team we design, install and commission  lighting control systems even if this means interfacing with the likes of DALI, DMX or even high end touch screen controlled projects such as Crestron or AMX.

We can even integrate motorised blinds and curtains or even control your heating from the one room controller.

Lighting control can mean many things but in essence we want to control multiple lighting circuits to provide the correct lighting scene or mood to meet the desired effect.

Lighting control can be used to provide a steady light level in the work place, with Scotland’s ever changing weather patterns on a daily basis,  utilising light sensors can automatically adjust the required light level to maintain a safe and effective working environment.

IDES Limited not only provide KNX lighting control solutions but work with many manufacturers such as Lutron, Rako and Loxone.

Gira KNX manufacturer, Home Server

Gira KNX manufacturer, Home Server

Neil has just spent an enjoyable 3 days training with the team at Gira in London. This event was presented by Gira UK to bring IDES Limited up to the exacting standards required by a ‘home server’ programming expert.

The Home server provides total control of any building via touch panels, I-phone, Android hand held devices and also the web from

any where in the world.

A 2 day hands on training aimed at installers, commissioning engineers, and system specifiers.


Candidates need to hold the KNX certificate.

Content covered:

* Downloading a project from ETS

* Building structure and QuadClient setup,

* Switching and Dimming Scenes

* Logic Messages, Notifictions and Archives

* Camera Integration to QuadClient

* Visualisation, Graphs, Time Clocks

This is also combined with 1 day training aimed at installers, commissioning engineers, and system specifiers.

The course is structured to show the advanced features, and processes needed to complete feature full system installations.

Content covered:

* Integration with Gira IP Door Communications

* IP Camera pan and tilt

* Integration of FTP Server

* Bus Scan and device settings

* Logic applications

* App shop and Plugins

IDES Limited would be delighted to discuss any KNX projects with you throughout the UK and can offer expert advice having had in excess of 13 years experience.