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KNX Lighting Scotland


IDES Limited have been involved in many lighting control projects throughout Scotland, utilising their expertise as KNX partners to provide seamless lighting control for commercial, retail and residential projects.

With our Edinburgh based team we design, install and commission  lighting control systems even if this means interfacing with the likes of DALI, DMX or even high end touch screen controlled projects such as Crestron or AMX.

We can even integrate motorised blinds and curtains or even control your heating from the one room controller.

Lighting control can mean many things but in essence we want to control multiple lighting circuits to provide the correct lighting scene or mood to meet the desired effect.

Lighting control can be used to provide a steady light level in the work place, with Scotland’s ever changing weather patterns on a daily basis,  utilising light sensors can automatically adjust the required light level to maintain a safe and effective working environment.

IDES Limited not only provide KNX lighting control solutions but work with many manufacturers such as Lutron, Rako and Loxone.