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KNX load shedding Hager

IDES Limited were asked to provide a solution to allow selected circuits on multiple electrical distribution boards
to remain in the OFF position after voltage failure and on voltage return for the newly refurbished Trump Turnberry Hotel.
There-after only to be re-energised by maintenance staff by keyswitch when safe to do so.
This is easily achieved using a KNX solution from Hager.

IDES Limited were able to provide the solution using all Hager components from the Tebis range.
This ranged from the din rail distribution board,
control switch actuators, power supply units and load contactors.

Installing KNX devices and programming the actuator switch (using the ETS 4 software) to default ‘off’ on voltage failure and return. This means that the device will drop off the voltage to the coil controlling the load contactor and will not then be re-energised until
the momentary action keyswitch connected to a Hager KNX input module is activated and inturn this action switches the control actuator switch operating the load coil.
Turnberry KNX off (1) Load de-energised
To avoid a sudden load ‘in rush’ each of the switch actuators are stepped ‘on’ with a 10 second delay between channels avoiding
full load being applied in one go.
Turnberry KNX on Load energised
This is classic ‘smart control’ using Technology.